Friday, August 29

Milkweeds mixed in...

I love to garden. I keep most of the weeds out~ except the milkweeds! They must stay so that we can enjoy every moment from tiny baby eggs, to the beautiful stripped teen...and then the black and orange dancing parades...of the mature adult monarchs!
As a child, country roads were my playground! We would walk the edges of dirt roads in early summer cutting down milkweeds for grandma to cook up for dinner. We ate milkweeds, burdock, dandelions, puffballs and a few other non-FDA approved veggies. I didn't tell my school mates...and my family kept it to meat, potatoes and corn when friends came for a visit. They didn't taste horrible, (I will only admit as an adult) but looking back~ I would have skinned my knee or come up with some other false emergency to save a monarch house.
Good Night~


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

I didn't know the monarchs relied on milkweed! I love to see them migrate through our area on their trip to their winter home in Mexico. From now on, I'll see milkweed in a different light.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I've collected dried milkweed pods and have sprayed them shiny gold and added little tiny Christmas do-dads inside them, added a ribbon and instant tree decoration!

You can also make tiny dried flower arrangements inside them - pretty with lavender! Add bits of lace too!


Michelle Palmer said...

You're both so fast!
This is far too much fun!

It has to be amazing to watch them migrate! They lay the most delicate, tiny can barely see them! They stay on them and eat...grow & then move off to another plant nearby to finish their transformations. I'll dig up more photos.

Diane! You can make the most beautiful treasures from morsels!

What a creative idea...
n' with some ta! ta! lavender~