Saturday, March 23

Joyful Spring~

Sweet Friends~
I hope your Spring days are filled with joy!

Pussy willows follow their own calendar~
They're not waiting for the snow to stop falling!
Went for a nice long walk along the Erie Canal trail with my neighbor today.
The sky was so blue!
Sun on our shoulders...
Canada geese filled areas of the canal waters. They were so chatty!
They are here with us throughout the winter months but
many traveling flocks stop here with the snow geese.

Came home and noticed that the pussy willow buds were completely open!
Lopped off some of the tallest branches for bouquets to share &
left some to open for the bees that will be seeking nourishment soon~

Hope you have a wonderful week, Friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by~


NanaDiana said...

I absolutely LOVE pussy willows. I have a hard time finding them anywhere here. They were all over the hills of PA where I grew up. In one of our houses years ago we actually had a pussy willow TREE. I had no idea before that there was anything like that in existence.
Happy Spring Sunday- Diana

Debra said...

Happy Spring to you! Now I know what sweet fragrance I smelled today as I was doing some yard work-it had to be some pussy willows! It's a very slight fragrance-but so nice this early.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your pussy willow branches are gorgeous. Your pot of them reminds me of my grandmother. She would have some on her dining room table each spring. Happy Spring to you, Michelle, and thank you for sharing!