Friday, February 1

Winter Watering Cans Hooked Rug

 'Winter Watering Cans' copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Pup and I enjoyed a salmon-peachy-hot pink sunrise.
Hello, February!
Lake gray is being pushed back~
So nice to see the sunshine two days in a row!

My watering cans are coming along.
Hope to have this rug finished over the weekend... what to do next!?
I do think I will choose a warmer season (giggle)

Cardinals at the feeder have been all fluffed up to stay warm~
Glad the frigid windchills are moving out.

Sharing progress pictures from weekend to weekend~
This is our Ash tree. Sad to say we have to take it down in the Spring.
The Emerald Ash Borer that is killing so many is the cause.

The tree is dark at the base~
Lighter, lighter and lightest as it touches the sky.

Little pop of color to add a touch of warmth to winter days~

I love old watering cans!
These oldies have weathered many seasons.
The bottoms push out a little when ice builds inside... 
Doesn't bother us~ adds to their charm!
Never stops us from bringing them home from a sale~

Bittersweet foreground~

It's always exciting to begin a new rug project~
Very different from a new painting...
Wool hooking takes a fair amount of time to get a feeling of progress.
As small sections come together interest and excitement builds!
Then it becomes hard to put down the project! 

Hope you're all staying healthy, warm and happy!


Robin in Virginia said...

This is a gorgeous piece, Michelle. I love the old watering cans. Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen B. said...

My dear Michelle,
I was starting to miss you girl! It looks so lovely!!
Many hugs.
Karen B. xo

LJ said...

Just lovely.

elaine allerton said...

This mat is gorgeous, ,, wow!
Love yr work,,,
Very wintery here,,, bone chilling,,,
Happy hooking!

Debra said...

Hug that pup for me!

Dicky Bird said...

Amazing! You're so talented! I like rug hooking too.