Thursday, January 25

Watercolor paintings~

How I love to bring some of my little sketches to full color!

It was fun to dress some of them up in ornate frames~

Bee skep & daisies bordered by a beautiful rose motif~

 Bluebirds of happiness!
You just know they love Valentine's Day~

These busy little springtime chicks...
Their momma tucked them in the tulip row while she cleaned their nest!
All of these loves are punch needle patterns~ I just need to get them written!

I've been so happy this winter... no sign of field mice making their way indoors!
We patched their secret entry and they get to live on~
A colder than normal winter so I toss cracked corn around
the bottom of the feeders and near the hedgerows for them.

Sweet friends sharing some love!

Hope you're having a great week, Friends~


Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous paintings you have created, Michelle! Glad you haven't had to deal with outdoor critters inside.

Createology said...

Each and everything you draw is so very precious! Happy HeArts to YOU...<3