Tuesday, July 25

Summer days~

Summer is dashing right along~
Wish there was a way to slow it down!

Hubby loves red raspberries... we found a few baskets for him and
a basket of black berries!

We have been in a very rainy pattern~
Torrential rains.
The bees need raincoats!

Fun to find this field of black eyed susans along the 
New York State Thruway~
The bees were dancing with delight at dusk!

My all-time favorite~ black caps!
Black raspberries are such a treat. 
Remind me of my childhood. Riding along field edges in
the back of my dads old pickup truck.
Buckets, tin cans... bellies all filled up with sun-kissed, sweet berries!

I leave milkweed plants to grow in some areas of our gardens~
Pure joy to see monarch butterflies dotting the yard again!

I pluck the seed pods off so I am not overrun by plants...

Juicy snacks~ Plants have had plenty of rain!

Our home & my studio have been upside down most of July~
We are sorting, organizing and painting when we have
a few minutes away from work deadlines.
My plan is to have everything in its place by the
end of July~
August, September & October are my most favorite months of the year.

Hope you're having a great week, Friends!


Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful pictures you showcased in your post, Michelle! Enjoy the raspberries!

Connie Smiley said...

Those berries look delicious! So nice to have the rain--hope the caterpillars don't get too wet.

Michelle Palmer said...

<3 Thank you, Friends! Hope your summer is filled with wonderful memories!