Friday, August 5

Eastern Black Swallowtail in the dill

My wee little patch of dill has the most beautiful 
Black Swallowtail visitors!
No worries... I can purchase dill pickles at the local farm market~
Chew on little friends!

If I hold really still... maybe she won't see me!

Way down yonder in the little dill patch~

So amazing~

Color palette of the food and the caterpillar match <3 p="">

Hope your Friday is off to a great, Sweet Friends!


GO STARS! said...

I had a small dill plant in a pot last year. One day I saw three caterpillars crawling on it. I watched throughout the day as my plant grew smaller and smaller. As it shrunk the caterpillars started leaving. The last to leave took the last bites til my plant was no more. It was a fascinating day and well worth losing my dill plant over.

gracie said...

How wonderful to have them in the garden

Sherri said...

These beautiful caterpillars used to eat my parsley up. I used to buy pots of parsley just for them!! :)

Terra Hangen said...

How sweet you are letting your pretty friends snack on the dill.

Anonymous said...

They do have voracious appetites, but they are so colorful! Have you tried petting one gently? They will send out little orange-ish antennae that emit a rather strong odor. I'm sure this is their protection. Fascinating critters and beautiful butterflies-to-be!

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you for sharing, Sweet Friends! How fun it is to hear your stories and how much you enjoy nature, too <3