Monday, August 15

"Blackbird Swamp" Copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Just around Oak Tree Bend...down Wheat Fields Hill~
You arrive at Blackbird Swamp!
Where the cattails sway in the wind & 
Red-winged Blackbirds perch.
They welcome you with their cheery calls!

A favorite place to explore on a sunny summer day~
Frogs called out from watery hide-a-ways...
Milk cows spotted surrounding hills &
occasionally looked my way with some curiosity.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~


Phyllis Brandon said...

This is such a beautiful design!

Karen B. said...

Oh Michelle,
it is so lovely!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Anonymous said...


gracie said...

A wonderful design....

Terra Hangen said...

I do love red wing blackbirds. They visit my house occasionally.

Feathers said...

What a lovely design, and your words are beautiful as well. Much enjoyed! Thanks.