Saturday, April 16

Punch needle projects

Hi Friends!
I hope your Saturday is off to a sunny start!
We have escaped the cold snap that kept bringing snow~
Each day this week has been getting a little warmer...
Today & tomorrow are expected to share high 60's!

I don't fuss in the gardens much before the end of April~
We can be blanketed with frost through early May.
So I have been Spring cleaning in the studio!
We close it up during the winter months as it is a small sun-porch.
It was not insulated to be part of the house.
Insulation will be added when we have a new roof put on~
Oh the fun to be able to enjoy it all year!

I have been adding to my punch needle pattern collection~
Little bit of Spring...
Little bit of Fall...
Flowers and bunnies....

Bees will be humming soon...
I'm sure I will still be punching new works~
They will be inspired by the garden!

In the studio now~
Two more botanical pieces! They are number 4 & 5 of 20 in the collection.

Hope your Spring days are filled with sunshine & just enough rain~
Wishing your hearts joy!


Terra Hangen said...

Punch needle is a new idea to me and these projects are darling.

Юля (OZZI) said...

beautiful job!)

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Friends!