Sunday, March 9

Paper clay beaks tutorial...

It won't be quiet for long!
Little wool chicks are patient... but they have a lot to say!

Paper clay is easy, clean & light~
Once dry, it can be sanded & painted.

I have used Scotch Quick-dry Adhesive (acid free) for years.
It has a small tip. Doesn't make craft papers soggy... quick tack.
Little bit goes a long way & it holds great!

Made a little tinfoil tray for my beaks.
Muffins came out of the oven... I turned it off & put my beaks on the oven rack.
Closed the oven door.
By the time the oven cooled down my beaks were dry!

I only needed 6 beaks.
Fifteen minute job...
Once I started playing with the clay~ I couldn't stop!
So easily distracted!
Bunny heads are air-drying. 
They are tinfoil balls covered with paper clay.

Hope your day has been wonderful~


Kays Kids said...

Your little ducky and chicken beaks are lovely.

Patri Bears said...

Pulcini in costruzione .....carinissimi!!!
Buona settimana!

Tante Mali said...

That's great. Thank you for sharing it!
All the best from Austria

Debbie Nolan said...

Michelle - have never worked with paper clay. Looks very interesting. Also you make it look and sound easy (which it may not be - lol). Have a lovely day. Spring is coming soon!!

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Friends! I have found paper clay to be easier to work with than other materials I have used in the past. I made beaks from polymer clay... they were too thick, made them heavy. Plus paper clay can air dry. No need to bake. The paper clay is great for snowman noses, too. The lightness of the clay doesn't cause a tipsy, top-heavy problem.
Hope you have a great weekend!