Thursday, May 30

Teddy bear charms...

Just finished making a small collection of teddy bear charms~
Ladybug theme!

Our White Spirea is covered in Aphids so Ladybugs are on my mind...
A village of Ladybugs would be wonderful!

These little charms take on a different style & feel depending on 
the chain/string/rope that runs through them!

The white rope~

Elegant red faux leather~

"Earthy" green twine...

This little one with the black cording is a GIVEAWAY
on my Facebook page! I just adore tiny little treasures~
LOVE that so many of you still read my posts & comment here, too!
I will have another blog giveaway soon~
Come on over & leave a comment on Facebook!

If you hold still too long in our house I'm apt to add art to you...

Hope you're having a wonderful, creative day!
Special prayers for all in the storm-zones... always!


Ik ben Esther said...

Just beautifull those little ladybirds! Only one sad thing,I am not a member on Facebook and not planning to either,can t I join in the give away on your blog instead?

Love from Holland,

Terra said...

Sweet little treasures.

Michelle Palmer said...

Sweet, Esther! Yes! I will put your name in the hat~ thank you for asking ;)

If any of my blogging friends do not have Facebook~ just leave a comment here and let me know... I will put your name in, too!

Hugs to all!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are adorable! I don't have Facebook but good luck to those that do! Enjoy your art my friend!

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

So lovely Michelle and it is amazing how the look of them changes with the hanger. Off to FB to sign up, thanks so much for the opportunity! Deb

Debbie Nolan said...

Michelle - these charms are adorable. They do take on a different look when you team them with different chains. Hope you stay safe to my friend. God Bless and have a great week-end.

Madelief said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog Michelle. Your teddy bear charms look lovely!

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Starr White said...

I am not on FB, but I love your sweet little charms! Are they only for teddy bears or can people wear them too?