Tuesday, February 12

Vintage Ephemera~

The pages that they kept~
Shared chores, favorite pastimes...
Or were they an artist?
Saving the images for reference of times & styles?

A clip that looked like a baby sister,
A mischievous pup that always took their favorite toy?
Or how the artist captured the sweetest portrait of a child...
The adorable dress & hat of the young girl?

A gardener with cherished clips to cheer them through the winter?
An artist keeping plant reference?

Either way~ I am inspired and in awe of every little clip!
The dandelion prophet is very sweet~
They are all flowers to me!

Fruit seemed so much "juicier" as a child!
A bite into a fresh peach and my shirt was soggy~

Pages that tell a story...

This scrapbook artist captured my heart~
Images of flowers...
A gentle reminder that I need to get laundry started...
Thankfully, no need to scrub in a tub!

I gather little snippets of joy~
Hope you do too!


peggy gatto said...

I loved seeing these pages and imagining why they were placed there, lovely!!!!

BJR said...

I love your banner!! It's from the same fabric postcard I framed for my sis-in-law...adding a bit of my painting on the matting. She loved fit...as I love your work!! BJR