Friday, April 20

Memory Garden...

Forget Me Not...
They're in the studio~ dressed in pink, white and blue!

Tomorrow will mark thirty years that my dad passed away.
I was twelve years old... didn't know much about cancer then.
I dug clumps of Forget Me Nots growing wild in a nearby field
to plant at the cemetery. They never grew back~
I keep them in all of my gardens...
They're a sweet reminder... each April...

When mom passed in October one of her memorial arrangements
were filled with sherbet rose colored Carnations and white Hydrangeas. 
My cousin, a florist, shared with me how to plant the sprigs
of Hydrangeas ~ so to start plants. We had a mild winter... dry.
With the warm temperatures I've been very patient...
Knowing we could still have frosty, snowy days through April.

Over the weekend~ Hubby helped me remove the winter
leaf pack and reveal the babies...
There are three with buds!
I have two sisters... I was just praying for three to live!
They will be a beautiful reminder of mom~

I planted these along side the Hydrangea babies...
In hopes that something would make it through the winter!
Mom loved to plant bulbs...
Loved Iris...
Loved Peonies...
I can't bring myself to love Roses as she did~ they're fussy.
I'm not patient with them or their thorns (giggle)

When these pretties first open they're a butter yellow...
Turning to a rich, deep yellow~
Then to the soft pink!

This plant has two blossoms~
I keep every memory of my parents close...
I thank God for the beautiful family I have been given~
We keep old memories near while making new ones daily!

Hope your days are filled with wonderful memories~
Old and new!


marie said...

I'm so glad you're having success with your plants...what a lovely idea to have them as reminders of your parents.
I hope they grow with gusto!

Penelope's Beehive said...

I am delighted that you have such gentle, cherished memories planted within your lovely gardens.
Sweet smiles to you Michelle...

Fond hugs,
Judy x

Smiley said...

God has truly blessed you with a green thumb . . . actually, two of them! I know how your heart must be smiling with your newly created additions. I expect to see more pictures when your beauties are full grown with many blossoms! I love hydrangeas!

Spring Smiles to you dear friend!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

It's always nice to hold those special memories that are so dear to our heart. So sweet of you to plant such beautiful flowers in rememberance of them.
Prim Blessings
PS ~ I received my Something to crow about sugar sack ~ Love it!!!

Jeri Landers said...

I am sorry to know that you have lost both your parents. I am glad you have your sisters.. and your garden of memories.
I have never seen PINK forget me nots, I now must find some seeds!