Sunday, December 4

Bold Fabric Sketches...

We have been taking advantage of our mild December weather!
I planted more fall bulbs~
Pruned all of our pines, shrubs etc. and made Christmas swags...
The greens, inexpensive and abundant, add the perfect touch outside!
Winter cozy... while we wait for our blanket of white~

My hands are a bit shaky after garden work...
I decided to try some darker sketches~
I like the look!
Not sure if they're more masculine or if the free style is more hip?

...I will always make the more detailed pieces!
Every line a softer, warmer friend~

I'm keeping the prices extra low throughout December...
Want to thank you for making 2011 so wonderful for us!
Tomorrow... I'll post a new a giveaway!

Wishing you joy, Kind Friends~


Shirley said...

Hi Michelle, Your sketches are so fantastic and I always love looking at what you do. I really like your teddy bear in the stocking. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such beautiful creations Michelle!
I really am loving the snowmen ~ so precious.
Prim Blessings

Twiglet said...

They are gorgeous whichever way you do them!!

nowalinka said...

Your draws is so delicate and beautiful :)

Alina said...

As always, it is pure pleasure to see your sketches !
Fabric and dark lines...
Fascinating !
Best To You Michelle!
P.S.Join us at my New Year's Giveaway!

Smiley said...

How wonderful it was to come inside after putting Christmas lights on the house to see your cute little snowmen! We never get the wintery aspect of Christmas here in southern CA, but your images of freshly hung pine swags helped, friend!
Blessing and smiles!
Deb oxo

Sherri said...

I love all your images, especially the snowmen!!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Michele they are precious and I can envision so many ways they could add a beautiful touch to Christmas decorating! Very special!
Tina xo