Friday, September 9

Owl Theme Hand-Carved Stamps...

Sometimes I need to move away from my palette
and stand in a different position... straighten up a bit.
With traditional watercolor, an artist paints flat.
No easel or angled surface to help with back fatigue.
Puddles of color would occur!
Very pretty... but not very practical~

While I was warming my lunch yesterday...
I stood at the kitchen counter top and carved these little friends.

I have wanted to try Moo Carve. Available at hobby stores.
It is VERY soft. Many will enjoy the ease of carving...
I prefer the pink carving medium I have previously blogged about.
I've been trying to purchase a Staedtler carving block.
The Staedtler consistency is similar to a white art eraser.
It is a very popular product... frequently sold out.

More owl designs will be in my Etsy shop tonight~
Thank you for all of your sweet comments... they mean so much!

Hope your Friday is sunny and warm!


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Michelle: Wow, these are great. I love owls!! Which hobby shop did you get these at? Like a hobby lobby?
ps Looking forward to getting the crow~n~pumpkin doilie :)

I love your you sell at any local shops? I'll be driving to Saratoga Springs from Rochester next month and would love to stop...R U in any Canandaigua shops?

A Girls Gotta Nest said...

Oh my goodness these are so adorable.


sugar Creek said...

Hmm I have wanted to give that a try and this just makes it look so fun!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How sweet! I have a 'thing' for owls (always have) and actually bought a little Christmas ornament one this week. He will NOT be on the tree, but is residing in my studio overlooking proceedings. Your owls are great!

Mammka said...

Very beautiful blog! Congratulations on working time, beautiful!
Rubber eraser when I was a girl, I carved out a monogram for a long time I used it still is.

Michelle Palmer said...

I am able to purchase all of the carving materials at Hobby Lobby... Michael's, too. Some of the larger JoAnns carry limited supplies.

Mulberry Hollow in Palmyra, a beautiful home decor/gift store, carry my calendars & some of my handmade pieces. They sell out pretty quickly~ but I'm always trying to get her new pieces.

White erasers are also great for carving! Thank you for sharing, Friends... I do hope you try to carve a stamp!