Thursday, June 10

Tippy and the Chipmunk...

(for some reason the video stays black until
you click on the arrow, bottom left...)

Silly chipmunks love to tease our furry tails!
They gather seeds and climb the house to perch and feast...
In front of the cats~
Right outside their favorite windows!

It's all in the tail...

Journals are finished!
Tomorrow morning I will post about them and
list them in my Etsy store~
Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a hoot, Michelle. I'd have a hard time not laughing out loud at that sight. Too cute!

shabby girl said...

Oh my gosh! Tails are amazing things!!! What if we had them???? What would ours be doing most of the time! LOL!!!
This was great!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh those chippy like chipmunks, What a tease!

Werna Gail said...

Thanks for sharing, that is so cute, that chipmunk would not be so brave if Tippy were "outside".

Nita Jo said...

I love that! So funny. You should put that on YouTube. Tippy could be a star!

MarciaKY said...

LOL Cute Michelle, my chippie, Roddy(rodent) terrorizes our dog Maggie. He goes in one hole under the cement drive, while Maggie waits, he's up the other side behind her. I swear he wiggles his ears and sticks his tongue out at her backside! I feed Roddy from a short bail type lidded glass jar every morning. If I don't have it out there, he is very very loud and vocal....Hugs