Thursday, February 18

Baby It's Cold Outside...

But for me and my lap...
It is warm~

Tippy Boy LOVES to be pet like a dog.
None of those gentle taps or soft pats.
Rough with my head and mess up my hair!
So... since I'm the dog-lover in our home...
Tippy comes to me when he needs some petting~

And he shares his whiskers for my felted projects...
Found one on the basement steps this morning.
Made a wish & put it with the collection!


LDH said...

Sweet Baby!

Debra said...

I wonder-do cats shed more whiskers than dogs??I cannot find our dog not the prized whiskers! And we are catless!
Your photo of Tippy is beautiful.
Love, Debra

sissie said...

I love Tippy, she's like my Gizzard. She loves to be petted like a dog too. Rough and rowdy is her motto!


janet said...

Tippy makes me miss my cat so much ;-(

BECKY said...

What a cutie!! I love being warmed by our furry friends!!

Have a happee Friday, Michelle!!
Your bird prints are lovely!


Such a cuddly baby! ~ Angela

all kinds of everything said...

Hi Michelle,I received your lovely gifts.
The blue bird is beautiful!
I have post it on my blog.
Tippy is a beauty.
Have a very nice weekend,