Saturday, January 2

New Year... New Projects...

The Pianist
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

I have collected old (VERY OLD) paper
for almost 25 years.
I love the worn, torn... yellowed,
spottled... treasures!
I have started using the ORIGINAL papers
to make one of a kind mixed media designs.
This beautiful black and white illustration
is from an 1893 publication...

I have tried all types of copies of these rare images
and they seem to lose their charm when applied.
Either the paper is too thick, too shiny or wrinkles.
I will try to have high quality scans and copies
made of the finished designs...
Maybe that will be a successful way to save
a much treasured image!

I'm so excited to begin sharing these rare pieces!
Hope your day is wonderful~


Lost bears said...

I like your new style! wish you good luck!
A happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL, Michelle, and I do think you should get scans of it, print and sell them on etsy! Don't sell the originals! They're too precious, unless you put a huge price on them! ;-)


kristin said...

it's lovely!! i look forward to seeing more.

Happy New Year!! xx

Gillian L. said...

The image you have created is wonderful! The way you have arranged them is great and I hope you do some more and share them.


Gloria said...

Hi Michelle. These mixed media pieces are lovely. Regarding printing reproductions of vintage papers, have you tried "Premium HP Presentation Paper" Matte finish for Inkjet printers? From the packaging: "Professional weight with a two-sided matte finish for vibrant colors". I've tried LOTS of papers. This one is my favorite by far. It's very thin but opaque. I also like "Yes" glue which comes in a tub and is applied with a brush. I by it from our local art supply store but I'm sure it's widely available. It can be thinned with water and it does not cause wrinkling. Best.

Gloria said...

Hi Michelle. These collages are lovely. Regarding reproducing vintage ephemera, I'm wondering if you have tried HP Presentation Paper for Inkjet printers. The description on the packaging says: "Professional weight with a two-sided matte finish for vibrant colors". This is by far my favorite lightweight paper for color reproductions and it's the perfect weight for gluing. I have had great success using "Yes!" paste which comes in a tub and is applied with a brush. It can be thinned with water. Hope this is helpful. Best wishes.