Thursday, March 12

Thursday Already?

Two new cover samples arrived this week!
The Country Register
They look sweet~
Watch for your copy never know
which artists work will be on the cover!

I LOVE being an artist & painting anything
that comes to mind...traditional,!
You name art agent finds a company
to pair it with! They do the hard work...
I have FUN!
(Just joking! Anyone in licensing knows our job isn't easy)

Have been working on several new images~
I'll share a few "peeks" on my side bar...
Several artist friends have had their designs
ripped off-stolen-copied-saved to files etc. it is advised that when we blog
we do so with caution for design theft.

I like to share images...snippets are fun, too!
Hope you enjoy them...
Hope your day is wonderful!


Charmingdesigns said...

Your paintings are soooo wonderful!! laurie

Wish on a Whisker said...

Michelle~ Your paintings are so beautiful! ~Mandy (PS~ I think my husband was a little nervous when I posted the trailer. (Smile) Your comment made us laugh! Thank you!)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, yes, not everyone is nice about not copying.
Love the Register covers! ;-)
You go, girl!
Hugs XXOO Diane

LDH said...

Oh, Michelle, how exciting to see your artwork on the cover ~ it is beautiful!!! I'm sad to hear that you have to be so careful about displaying your art.