Monday, November 17

Okay, I Admit it...

I've been tagged to list 15 things that I'm
not afraid to admit...we'll go for fun this time!
From when I was a child...
Debra from Sparrowgrass had a great list!

1. As a young adventurer...
I LOVED playing in the dry dump.
I took old "stuff" and made homes
for forest animals & birds...
A few~ with critters came home at night!

2. As a young adventurer...
There was NO time
to run home & take a potty break~
So...thank you, God...for thick shrubs
and soft leaves!

3. As a young adventurer...
I LOVED going into abandoned houses.
I cleaned them & made the critters meals.
Pretended they were my own home.

4. As a young adventurer...
I loved to get lost in corn fields & forests.
I would find old coins, keys, nails, plate chips...

5. As a young adventurer...
Our basement was mud & water at times~
I would catch newts & frogs...
Yes! I had to make them at home!

6. As a young adventurer...
I would snap the traps so the mice
could get away.

7. As a young adventurer...
I would empty the poison bait
in the trash &
fill the box with grain.
Oh MY!

8. As a young adventurer...
I would do my best to make the bull mad.
I just LOVED when the cows got out!

9. As a young adventurer...
I didn't fall in the pond by accident!

10. As a young adventurer...
I didn't fall in the creek by accident!

11. As a young adventurer...
I DID fall in the manure pit by accident!

12. As a young adventurer...
I didn't mean to take the tractor apart
and not be able to put it right.
Great learning experience!

13. As a young adventurer...
I did use an entire box of roofing nails
to build a bookshelf.
A very small bookshelf.
I had no books.

14. As a young adventurer...
I loved to climb trees.
I fell out of many~
But thought a house in a tree
would be a possibility some day!

15. As a young adventurer...
Before I knew God.
I would climb the highest hill and
yell as loud as I could~
Each and every hope I wanted to come true!


Happy Monday, Friends!
Hope I shared a smile....


Anonymous said...

You must have been great FUN to hang around with! But I'd probably have been grounded a lot! LOL! it's MY turn? I'll have to think about this one!

Debra said...

Ohhh Michelle,
You're right, we would have been pals and gotten into lots of fun-sounds like you were not bored much. Did you make lots of 'huts' in the woods? I think I drove my parents crazy doing that. And I HAD to take hotdogs for the campfires!
Love, Debra

KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
How fun, I haven't been online but a few minutes yesterday and today so just found this, I will definitly play and post this in a few days on my blog when I am feeling a little better. Surgery went well but I have been dealing with alot of pain and weakness, but staying positive and determined to get better day by day : ) I have missed reading your blog, it looks like you have been busy and having lots of fun! I hope you are doing well and that you have a beauitful Thanksgiving!

Joy said...

This is neat to know these things about you. I imagine you were a handful for your mother. Your work is incredibly beautiful. No wonder you enjoy painting nature.