Sunday, November 23

Needle Felting 2...

More photographs from Saturday night's fun!


Our camera is being a tad grumpy~
Sorry about the fuzzy pix...

Mouse looks like he's begging for
food...or a friend!

Snugly warm...

Wee little bird...

In flight!
Looks sweet from this perspective...

Part skunk...part bird...sea turtle wings!
It was my first try!
Gotta giggle...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have something to
do after work...sitting watching TV~
Just be VERY careful when you look away...
Needles are VERY sharp.

Hope you have a wonderful week...
More to come & I'll let'cha know
when they are listed for sale...just in case!

Hope you have a fantastic week~


Charmingdesigns said...

Love the birdies...ummm, you are enticing me into a new hobby!!!Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! Aren't you supposed to be painting? ;-)

Couldn't resist!

I played hooky this weekend too! We deserve it!

Did you get the newsletter for the OMA? *sigh* Too close to Thanksgiving. Won't be going until after Thurs.


Debra said...

Look what I missed by not getting to my computer! I didn't know you were serious about doing this, or I would have offered more help! I can tell you a place I just ordered a whole pound of white roving from-CHEAP!-Custom Woolen Mills in Canada. I'll look up the address later and come back here-any way, I will be dyeing the wool, which you may not want to bother with, although it's not that messy, and then you get the colors you want. I hope you are using the green foam from JoAnn's-it's cheap and works forever to poke into. Use a coupon and get it cheap. I don't really like those things that look like hair brushes. When I poke, I don't want to be breaking my needle. I have found the wool that sticks to the foam is really not a problem, and you can easily fix the little jab marks by more felting. Also, alpaca is nice to lay over wool for color and softness, but it's too soft for sculpture. You can needle over wire or sticks or anything, as long as you move around it. You are really fine at making things, so I'm sure you have figured this out already.
Your creations are wonderful!!
Also, I forgot to tell you, the paperclay I use is not celluclay. Maybe you have seen Paperclay-it's already in a brick form. You just take out what you need and start sculpting. It sticks wonderfully on wood or fabric or paper without glue. It dries light and it's paintable of course. If it dries with cracks in it, you just take a dab of it and mix it with water like a clay slurry, and cover the cracks. I'm making faces on wooden spoons, which will be dolls when I get them done. I've not seen this any where, but I can't believe I thought of it first.
Sorry this is so long. I feel badly I haven't been checking in here-I'm trying to get too much done, and actually, having a lot of fun too...
Had to organize the work room also.
Sorry this is a major book to read.
Love, Debra
PS Please let me know if I can help at all with NF.
PSS You can dye wool with food coloring-you don't need to use koolaide-all that is anyway is flavored food coloring.

Debra said...


Michelle Palmer said...

Debra~ Have missed seeing you! :)
Thanks so much for the info!
I didn't know the difference at the time, so we are using the brush-style pad. With the 3-D designs...I don't use it much. I'll have to look at my package tops...I know I'm using all 100% wool/fibers~ not sure of the "source!" Baaaa! I might think about dyeing this summer...I would have colors ALL OVER the kitchen! You should see what our kitchen looks like when I bake!!! Flour everywhere...I need a vacuum pack strapped to my back...I tend to make messes easily! FREQUENTLY!
I've never tried your Paper clay! Maybe I've seen it...there are soooo many products~ so little time!!!!
:) I love being creative...I'm thankful that my hobbies can "maybe" be money makers & support themselves!
Some new ones to share later today that will be listed on ebay tonight~ It is a nice way to unwind after long hours of deadlines. :)
Thanks for your fiber link, too!
Happy Thanksgiving, friend~

Holly Knott said...

Michelle, I love these. Would you say it's fairly easy to form the shapes? I need a vacuum attached to my person, too!