Monday, April 22

Fraktur wool hooked rug

"Robin Red Breasts" wool hooked rug copyright 2019
Illustration copyright 2010
#1 of 6 Fraktur theme rugs translated from my original illustrations.

I used #6, 7 & 8 cut (wool strips) for my model.
I have the second in the collection finished... I hope to share it tomorrow.
The designs are very similar to each other when drawn with
walnut ink and painted with watercolor...
They are so much warmer and rich with texture when hooked~
the wool rugs look completely different from each other!

I began drawing Fraktur and flourish elements in 1989 when I was a
graphic design student at R.I.T.
Through studying cobblestone structures for American Architecture I found
the most beautiful barns with hex signs and painted quilts.
With more research I became very distracted by Fraktur illustrations!

Fraktur sketches filled my notebook margins... ideas swirled in my mind!
I did my best to focus on the professors lectures...
I tried...
Through the years all of my college sketches,
interpretations from early works, have shared inspiration!
Inspired by the early treasures but never copied... 
Nothing so beautiful as original frakturs and the history they recorded~
Illustrated history...
My frakturs, with a twist of whimsy, record favorite birds in
childhood gardens, perennial beds~ the beauty of season changes. 

I draw my patterns by hand on primitive linen.
Finished rug size is 24" wide by 22" tall (actual hooked area)
3.5" to 4" border around the entire design
allowing ample room for your frame.
I take care to keep the lines straight of the grain.
Linen edges are taped to prevent fraying. I use green Frog Brand tape.
It is available through my Etsy shop:

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What a stunning piece you created, Michelle! I also enjoyed hearing the story/background behind it. Thank you for sharing!

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