Friday, February 9

Punch needle~ Chicks in the Tulip Patch

"Chicks in the Tulip Patch" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

Around the farm~
It is known when Momma Hen is spring cleaning!
Hen carefully tucks her baby chicks in tulip blossoms for safe keeping.
They enjoy the sway of the breeze and visit with passing bees!
Momma Hen will have new feathers tacked to the coop walls
when they return from their time in the garden~
Feathered friends stop by the coop throughout the winter to warm up.
They often lose feathers as they wriggle through the coop mesh...
It is always fun for them to identify bird friends & remember their visits.
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer 1998

A snippet from one of my stories inspired a sketch~
Sketch inspired a watercolor~ (Chicks in the Tulips have been painted several times)
I painted this watercolor in January & it inspired my punch needle piece.

Hope you're all staying strong and healthy & I hope some of your
winter days are sunny with blue skies~

Wishing you a creative weekend, Friends!


NanaDiana said...

I think that might be one of the cutest punch work pieces I have ever seen. Just darling!!!! You do beautiful work, Michelle. xo Diana

Debra said...

It's adorable! I think that design would be wonderful on fabric for baby clothing-or even wallpaper.

Spring is on the way!!! (Under almost a foot of snow!)Hello to A~. Love you all...

susan hemann said...

how sweet! just lovely work as usual!

Dicky Bird said...

That is adorable!