Monday, August 7

Sunflower in the pumpkin patch hooked rug~

I often spend weekends trying to catch up on special orders~
A fever decided to grab on to me so I gathered some
wool worms and passed some time with a harvest project!

I love painting, drawing, photographing, stitching, sketching... pumpkin tendrils!

Painting with wool...
I had such a great time working on the pumpkin...
Choosing my palette & adding some plaids for texture!

One of my favorite color pairs~
Yellow and blue

Hope your Monday is filled with blue skies, Friends!


Constance said...

They are beautiful colors

Jan Conwell said...

The sunflower and pumpkin are lovely, but the background you've created makes them magical.

Misty said...

The colors and the shading on this piece are incredible!

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you so much, Sweet Friends!
You made my day :)