Tuesday, March 1

Hello, March and childhood memories~

March has arrived!
It had to be patient for one extra day... let's hope it doesn't stir up a storm!

Spring is just around the corner...
Red wing blackbirds and robins
were here singing again this morning!

"Strawberry Patch" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

When I was young we had the most delicious strawberry patch!
I would lay on my back, in between the shrub-like rows and
stare up at the bright blue sky~
Careful to not hurt any of the runners that crossed the path of straw...
I would snack until full~ discovering animals in the cloud formations drifting by.

"Maple Syrup Perch" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Springtime brought sugaring time!
I loved to walk about the wood checking sap bucket covers...
The crunch of melting snow & twigs.
Songbirds coming near~
They were just as excited to welcome a break from the winter freeze.

Hope your first day of March is filled with great memories!

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