Tuesday, February 9

Field mice friends~

We are expecting a cold snap with snow~
(Winter is going to behave like winter for the next few days!)
It is rare for us to see mice skittering around in February! 

I think they have enjoyed our mild weather~
Baking seed muffins...

Mini treats to share with neighbors~

Hand crafting hearts for Valentines!

Meeting new friends around the neighborhood~

Hope you're having a wonderful week &
I hope the mice are staying in the fields!


Createology said...

Oh how I do so love your sweet precious drawings. Embracing Creative Bliss...


I love mice--at least not alive kind of mice--I have a stuffed mouse that sits on my Christmas tree branch every year and she is about 47 years young!!
What do you think about Sue at O'Susannah's in Watkins closing--I now live in Florida, but I am sooo sad to see her close her shop!!
love and laughter, di