Thursday, April 23

Earth Day & Today~

I always try to sneak in a nature walk on Earth Day.
We had grey skies yesterday... nobody told the flowers!
They were just as happy & brilliant as always~

A true Springtime~
Color is slowly opening up.

The sweetest faces!

On a warmer day the pussy willows would be humming with bees!

This is today.
It looks like fairy dust!

Angry fairy dust~

My dad always called late Spring snow,
"Poor man's fertilizer."
(Every little bit of Nitrogen helps)
I think he was trying to find the silver lining~
When the flowers are ready for warmth... so am I!

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~


Flower Freak said...

Blue and yellow.....nothing goes better in nature than those two colors! Maybe that's why the Daffs and Violets are blooming at the same time....The snow threw me a little but I like your dad's philosophy on it. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

The snow looks beautiful on the flowers, like frosting or yes, fairy dust.
Great pictures.
Hugs Janice