Saturday, October 25

Watercolor palette

When I started teaching myself watercolor (as a teen)
I read every how-to book I could find.
Experimented with papers...
Purchased the best brushes I could afford...
Most of the artists I studied used the same basic palette.
That is what I followed and happily used for years~
It was economical and traditional.

When I began licensing my art I started to expand my palette.
Fabric collections, flag designs, calendar pages...greeting cards---
With so many varied products I wanted a varied palette.

Through the years I have found my personal favorites...
Windsor & Newton
Daniel Smith

A trip into the city finds me at the Fine Art Store on
West Main Street~
I become lost in the options.
Held tightly by my very limited budget!
That way I am sure to behave ;)

My budget yesterday was for a green. ONE green.
The greens on my palette are running low.
I have been searching for something different for a while.
I can make several greens from all the blues,
ochre, golds & yellows that I have...
Finding a 'nice green' will save me time.
If a client decides to expand a collection, it is nice
to have less mixing to do... more consistency.

MaimeriBlu offered a sample card near their display~
It is a nice way to try out pigments. Do they stain?
How do the colors behave on my favorite paper?
Can I lift out highlights?
Do they glaze nicely?

Autumn colors keep me inspired~
Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


Terra said...

Did you find the green you wanted? I am sure you did. Those sample cards are pretty in themselves.

Kays Kids said...

Your work is beautiful.

valerie greeley said...

Greens are the hardest to match I find and the first to run out! Lovely work as always. x