Tuesday, March 1

Dance of the Teddy Bears & Birds...

We have bright blue skies and sunshine!
I love being in my studio again~
It was an addition... a summer porch.
We converted it into a studio.
Winter winds and frigid temps. keep me
at the dining room table, living room chairs... etc.
Most of the time from December through March.
This morning, in the cool shadow of the house,
there was a little bird perched atop an icy snow pile.
Sitting very still, looking up at the larger birds...
If I could sew (and keep her) I would dress her
in a little polka dot piece...

They could have a spring fling...

Teddy friends would be invited...

Tea and seeds would be served!
My favorite soundtracks playing...
Miss Potter, Finding Jane,
Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Secret Garden...
Hope the sunshine has inspired you!


Anonymous said...

These are all so very sweet! (And so is my bird. I got it and for now it is pinned onto my baby dress I wore 50-some years ago, and I love it! "Aged-white"...just like the fabric.) You have awesome talent! Next year I hope to somehow find one of your calanders! BJR

Anonymous said...

the sweetest illustrations come out of you!
I adore these drawings...and I love, love, love what you do! fantastic. I just might have to give it a go sometime....never drawn on fabric before...unless you count all of those accidental times I'd write on myself as a little girl! always with a pen in hand...that was me!

anyhow....these drawings are amazing.
you are a wonderful artist..and I find myself always admiring your art works.

have a great day!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Penelope's Beehive said...

Precious drawings as always Michelle!
Isn't it lovely to feel the warmth of the sun? It is delighful to finally have the snow melt away. Green shoots can be only a short bit away.

Enjoy the day!


The Dutchess said...

LOVE your work....greets from all of us..T.D and Company :)))

Smiley said...

I know my California birdies would love to come to your Spring Fling! LOL! I smile at the thought of them all dressed up in little polka dot pretties!

Deb :o)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OH my goodness ...if I could just take that little bird in the polka dot outfit home with me I would.

SO DARLING...way cute.


Le bateau rouge said...

I simply love these tiny creatures - all of them ... They are so cute! It's really a gift to be able to create such drawings. You are really a great artist! Thank you, Alexandra

Matrix Reimprinting said...

Everything looks nice and pretty! I love all your drawings and projects! They're all lovely!

Anxiety Self Help said...

As expected, your creations and drawings are wonderful!

Twiglet said...

We need more sunshine - I think it brings out the creativity in us all! Your latest little dancers are delightful!

Jill said...

Adorable and I cannot wait to receive the teddies. You are awesome, each creature is sweeter than the one before.

Sandi with an "I" said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Fabulous!
Especially the bears.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Michelle, I too love your paintings! I noticed that the cute little ones in this post are not in your etsy shop...is there a chance I can buy one or two that are in this post? I love that little birdie!