Thursday, July 16

Summer Has Finally Arrived...

A few sunny pictures to share...
We have had a cool, wet summer.

Pretty sure we saw a garden fairy riding
on a snails back enjoying a cup of hot cocoa
the other day!

But today is warm!
The sun feels good... and the lawn needs mowing~

I've been working long hours in the studio~
Will have a few bits n' pieces of my
new paintings to share with all of you
in a few days!
Birds n' flowers!
Can never have toooo many :)

Hope your day is wonderful!


Tracy said...

Love your summery pictures. I've been meaning to snap a few of my own blooms as well.

BECKY said...

Oh I just love all of your cheery flowers!! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to see more of your painting!!


Debra said...

Love the photos, Michelle.
Wish you could have seen the baby and mama flicker here just a while ago. I have pics of them on my blog.
Hey-it's raining again!~Debra