Sunday, May 17

Splashes of Color...

“For every beauty

there is an eye somewhere to see it.

For every truth

there is an ear somewhere to hear it.

For every love

there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

Ivan Panin

Little painted faces...
Each one unique, different~
Some bright & vibrant, other soft and muted.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


KatCollects said...

Very pretty quotes. And my bunnies will be right over to eat those violas for you, LOL. I plant a pot of them just for them and then break one off for a treat. They start at the stem and nibble until the flower disappears, it is so cute! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

tlc illustration said...

Sorbet is a good name for those - the orange color looks just like an orange cremecicle.

(You know *you* can eat violas as well. Not much flavor - except for a hint of wintergreen in the calyx - but they are a lovely addition to a green salad or floating on top of soup...)

Debra said...

So far our chipmunks have ignored the pansies. Maybe not their favorite colors?? I remember your fight with them last year-I think they all came here. I have carefully uprooted hens & chicks in my planters-of course I didn't uproot them! but chippies are trying to be neat about their nefarious deeds!
Love, Debra

Anonymous said...

Oh, Michelle, the top photo with the peachy ones! SO pretty! Don't you just love their little faces!

I always love the quotes you post.

XX00 Diane